Several prison rules roulette in the world

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I tend to support the European wheel compared to American roulette, as it has 00 and it means to win here is a better distribution. These are the prison rules in different parts of
Europe: Hamburg – Casinos in Hamburg, the label as “The” rule of half of the money recovered in Paris, although the number is zero house edge to a, 3514 %. Casinos Berlin in Berlin, Germany can pay money, even in prison if the number zero comes in. The bet is returned if the player wins the next trip. In addition, if the statements are loss of wages. The rule here in Berlin called for the player to ask the dealer to move a bet imprisoned pay more money for another. The house edge here is 1.3879%.

France – casino located in coastal areas of the country follows the “line of equality of opportunity.” It requires that the wages of players in red, and sometimes zero, then the effort is on the line in the red diamond. If money is red and the challenge is free. If the dark time, however, the effort failed. If the next spin, betting was suspended on the green line waiting for a turn red or black, to decide the outcome. Players can choose to lose half your bet. Both options have a house edge of 1.3514% -. If two zeros Holland arise in the casinos in the Netherlands, the bet is jailed twice. To release stress, the player must win twice otherwise the bet is lost. The house edge here is 1.3706%. Players can choose to receive half of your game comes after zero, which is much more promising, and to avoid being imprisoned twice.

Spain – The house edge here is 1.3704%, and the effort here may be imprisoned on several occasions that no one is going to produce and release a player to win at the time of the prison.

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